“tells you the way it is up front” “I highly recommend Attorney Dakota Martin”

Attorney Dakota Martin represented and handled our case in the most professional and down to earth, no-nonsense manner. Tells you the way it is up front. 

We are from Atlanta and had to deal with a case in Boston. Dakota Martin prepared us up front and when arrived in Boston, went to deal directly with the courts to resolve the issue. All things had been taken care if and well prepared for in advance. So there were no unprepared for unexpected issues. 

I highly recommend Attorney Dakota Martin.

“He turned what I thought was a hopeless situation into a not guilty”

I highly recommend Dakota Martin!  He is an experienced, dedicated and professional criminal defense attorney.  I was arrested for OUI and he turned what I thought was a hopeless situation into a not guilty verdict at a jury trial.  From the beginning to end he was responsive, attentive and dedicated to winning my case and I can’t compliment him enough as an Attorney or as a man that cares!

“Dakota Martin was professional and tough”

I was accused of DV which I did not do.  I had never been to court in my life, never been accused of anything.  When it happened I was very, very worried.  I didn’t know what to expect.  The only lawyer I had used  before was an immigration attorney to help me with my citizenship application.  When I was accused of this crime the whole citizenship thing was put on hold.  I needed to get it off my record immediately.
Even though I didn’t break the law, just being accused of wrongdoing halted my whole application process. Dakota Martin was professional and tough.  He got the case dismissed  quickly, not as fast as I wanted, but quickly.  I am now dealing with the ICE aftermath, but if it wasn’t for the case being dismissed I wouldn’t have lost my chance at citizenship.

“he will be the first person I call if I ever need legal representation again”

Mr. Martin has represented me twice. Each time he helped me find a positive outcome to legal issues. He helped in a personal injury case as well as a criminal matter.  I was compensated well in my P.I. case and got my criminal mater dismissed.  He will be the first person I call if I ever need legal representation again.

“a bad thing was made a lot better and he helped make it that way”

Dakota helped me through a situation by being completely straight with me.  He was also encouraging without patronizing me.  Long story short and bad thing was made a lot better and he helped make it that way.

“My case has been dismissed and I couldn’t be happier”

I contacted Mr. Martin about my 18 year old case. He was very knowledgeable and knew the exact avenues we has to take so I could get this case behind me. As I live almost 900 miles away from Cambridge, I had to fly into town for the initial appearance. The initial appearance went quickly due to Mr. Martins professionalism and he was able to work it out so I did not have to fly into town for the second appearance. My case has now been dismissed and I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Dakota Martin for your legal needs!

“Upon contacting Dakota Martin, I felt a sense of ease”

Being faced with a 2nd offense DUI, AND possession of a controlled substance, I was obviously VERY worried, to say the least. Immediately upon contacting Dakota Martin, I felt a sense of ease, knowing I was putting my life and career in the hands of a knowledgeable , supportive professional. Throughout the process, Attny. Martin kept me informed and hopeful. He LISTENED to what I hoped to achieve and focused his efforts in that direction. Needless to say, the outcome couldn’t have been better. 
He was able to procure a CWOF for all charges, sparing me the trouble of going to trial, yet avoiding a criminal conviction… AND sparing me from the mandatory 2 year loss of license. He is THE BEST!

“Exceeded expectations” “You will get your money’s worth with him”

You know that feeling of despair you get when you find yourself suddenly in need of an attorney? Here is a very quick fix for that. Dakota Martin was able to take care of a legal problem that I had, that was 15 years old! Not only did he meet expectations, he exceeded them in a very timely manner. You can rest assured that you will get your money’s worth with him. I highly recommend him.

“his humor helped ease the experience that’s easily overwhelming”

As this was my first experience, I was unbelievably anxious. I was often surprised by how time consuming the process was and the procedural stuff was confusing. Dakota answered each question I had and always responded to my anxious inquiries in a timely way and without judgment. I am grateful for his willingness to go above and beyond in trying to remedy my situation in a timely way, and am indebted due to such a positive outcome (case was dismissed). Also, his humor helped ease an experience that’s easily overwhelming. I’d gladly recommend him!

“the jury took less than an hour to find me not guilty”

Attorney Dakota Martin took care of me. I had a pretty nasty case with 911,eye witnesses,and video footage. It felt hopeless. He didn’t flinch. He took it to trail and won it for me.
I was accused of operating under the influence,OUI,DUI,whatever you want to call it,and i was stressed. My job was on the line and I wasn’t the easiest guy to deal with as my case went forward. I didn’t make his job easy…. at all, but he still took excellent care of me. The jury took less than an hour to find me not guilty. Because of Attorney Martin, I’m back to my life,back to work,and back with my family. I recommend Attorney Dakota Martin

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