“His thoughtful guidance was truly appreciated”

Attorney Dakota was absolutely the most communicative lawyer I have ever encountered, we were always able to reach him one way or another. His professionalism, humanity and understanding was beyond what I could ever hope for. 
His thoughtful guidance was truly appreciated!”

“The best! Thank you!”

Jauary, 2017
I highly recommend Counselor Dakota Martin for legal representation. He worked on my case with the highest professional and ethical standards .. and won! The best! Thank You!

“The Best”

Coming from out of state I wasn’t sure if my case was going to get a fair hearing, but attorney Martin gave me a peace of mind and won my case. I highly recommend Counselor Dakota Martin for any legal representation. He works with the highest professional and ethical standards.

“Great defense”

Dakota gave me excellent advice throughout my personal ordeal in order to keep me protected and educated. We were able to have my case dismissed before it even went to trial.


Dakota Martin was very professional and he delivered the best result possible, a complete dismissal. I highly recommend calling him if you should have the need. I won’t hesitate to call him again should the need arise.

“Mr. Martin was friendly and supportive”

Mr. Martin helped me recently with a bicycle related lawsuit. He was easily accessible a clearly explained everything action that he took. I appreciated this since I am not very knowledgeable in legal affairs. He did his best to accommodate my schedule and get things done quickly.

Most importantly, Mr. Martin was friendly and supportive. While he was dealing with these legal issues, I still had everyday issues to deal with, and Mr. Martin understood this and was respectful at all times.

“I highly recommend and would work with him again”

Dakota Martin was professional, responsive and friendly.   He kept in touch with me throughout the process and was patient, clear and honest when answering my questions.  I highly recommend and would work with him again!

“he went above and beyond in helping me” “worth the phone call”

I called Attorney Martin for a free consult regarding an issue with the court. He went above and beyond in helping me and was able to resolve the matter after making a couple of phone calls to get to the bottom of things. He stayed in touch and within 20 minutes of calling him, had resolved the matter. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him for legal matters and he is absolutely worth the phone call!

“I would not hesitate to recommend him to others in a similar situation”


Mr. Martin is a professional, approachable, and diligent attorney. He represented me as a  student in court after being arrested for shoplifting and helped guide me through my first experience with the justice system.

Dakota was prompt about answering my calls and addressing my concerns. I called several attorneys around the area, including Dakota, for consultations regarding my situation and he stood out by being clear and honest about my legal options and financial costs. He was able  to meet with me on the first day and listened to my story respectfully. He treated me like a person, rather than the lowlife I perceived myself to be after being arrested. After contacting him, he represented me in court; he stayed close by my side and was guide me through the trial and clearly explain the post-trial outcome/process.
In the end, I was very content with the outcome, especially due to the severity of some other potential outcomes that could have occurred. Dakota handled the situation in a very timely manner, treated me as a whole person, and I would not hesitate to recommend him others in a similar situation as me.

“He kept me out of jail and worked the case until it was dismissed”


You know the character Harvey Keitel plays in Pulp Fiction?   The Wolf.  Attorney Martin is that guy.  If you are being accused of a crime, you have a  problem.  You need that problem to go away.  I had a big problem, an old problem.  I had a 5 year old warrant for armed robbery in Boston and I lived in California.  I was on probation in California and have a record.  The Boston case was open and the court and district attorney were not happy with me for taking off.   With help from my family, attorney Martin set it up, and knocked it down.  I flew in from California and met him at the courthouse.  He kept me out of jail and worked the case until it was dismissed.  He was fast and efficient.
Like the Wolf says,  “If I’m curt with you it’s because time is a factor.  I think fast, I talk fast and I need you guys to act fast if you wanna get out of this.  So, pretty please… with sugar on top.  Hire this lawyer.”  Hire the Wolf: Attorney Dakota Martin

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