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CORI, or Criminal Offender Record Information contains data and records on Massachusetts criminal offenders. EVERYTHING makes it into CORI reports, including juvenile offenses.

Who will see your CORI report?

Perspective landlords, perspective colleges, future employers who require a background check (banks, daycare etc)

Can you seal your CORI record?

In many cases YES.  Once a record is sealed, only certain agencies will be able to see your past. (Law enforcement will always see the full report).

-Once a record is sealed, you may state on applications that you have not been convicted of a crime.

-Although there is a waiting period to seal a record, 10 years for felonies, 5 for misdemeanors, a good attorney can petition the court to seal earlier.

If you are concerned a mistake you made in the past will haunt you

Ruining your chances of getting into the school or job you deserve

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