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Sexual offender.  Just the phrase causes people to cringe, conjuring dark thoughts, combining news, movies and one’s own imagination.  Those accused of sexual offenses are looked down on by almost everyone; friends, employers, neighbors, even family can turn their backs, deeming the accused guilty before a shred of evidence makes it to a jury. Bail requests are some of the highest of any crime, rivaled only by murder charges.

Unlike a simple OUI, which requires a formulaic almost routine approach, defending a sex crime can be quite complicated and vary greatly depending on the nature of the accusation. Some cases require forensic examiners, medical experts and psychologists while others simply intense preparation and solid investigation. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has unlimited resources at their disposal.  The prosecutor, detectives and victim witness advocates, often the entire court believe the accused is guilty and will go to any length to prove that belief. Evidence is often withheld, witnesses interviews not conducted, stones left unturned, in an attempt not to disturb the prosecutor’s delicate theory of the case. Judges can be quick to rule against defense motions, denying even reasonable evidentiary request simply because of the nature of the allegations.  And when the dust settles, if an advocate is not successful, its not just the case which is lost, not merely a jail sentence of years to be served but a life sentence. Upon release a convict faces the world, with all of its ignorance and prejudices.  Citizens do not ask questions when a convicted sex offender moves in next door. They don’t ask if his lawyer properly investigated the case, whether or not experts were engaged to explain complex issues to the jury. They don’t ask the most important question, “Did you do it?”  They simply say, “Not in my neighborhood.”  “Not in my apartment rental.”  “Not in my child’s school.” “Not at my place of work.”  “Not hiring.”

If you’ve been charged with any sexual offense, from indecent assault and battery to aggravated rape you cannot afford to loose. Loosing is not an option. After the case is done, when the dust has settled and you have returned to your life, when you look back on the year or two that we spent on your case, you will know that your lawyers did everything in their power, everything humanly possible to prove your innocence and win your case.

If you’ve been charged with rape, you have to prove your innocence. The Constitution would tell you otherwise, that you are innocent until proven guilty, but make no mistake, if you are charged with rape you are guilty until proven innocent. The jury trial is a mere formality, a transitional stage where the accused becomes the convicted, branded a sex offender for life.

Take the necessary steps to defend yourself. Don’t hire an OUI lawyer to defend a sex crime allegation when your entire future is on the line. We have a team of experts including doctors, scientists, social workers and computer technicians. Our private investigators include ex-police officers and lawyers and are second to none. They do not rest until they get their information.

Your case will take time. We can walk you through the process, from the initial gut wrenching call from the detective to the final days and jury trial. Our knowledge of the process will keep your anxiety at bay and ensuring you will not be surprised along the way.