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“I would not hesitate to recommend him to others in a similar situation”


Mr. Martin is a professional, approachable, and diligent attorney. He represented me as a  student in court after being arrested for shoplifting and helped guide me through my first experience with the justice system.

Dakota was prompt about answering my calls and addressing my concerns. I called several attorneys around the area, including Dakota, for consultations regarding my situation and he stood out by being clear and honest about my legal options and financial costs. He was able  to meet with me on the first day and listened to my story respectfully. He treated me like a person, rather than the lowlife I perceived myself to be after being arrested. After contacting him, he represented me in court; he stayed close by my side and was guide me through the trial and clearly explain the post-trial outcome/process.
In the end, I was very content with the outcome, especially due to the severity of some other potential outcomes that could have occurred. Dakota handled the situation in a very timely manner, treated me as a whole person, and I would not hesitate to recommend him others in a similar situation as me.