June 27, 2013


Waltham District Court

Client, a contractor and father of one, was accused of stealing cell phone accessories from Best Buy after loss prevention witnessed what they thought was evidence of the crime.  Security immediately contacted the Watertown Police Department who promptly filed charges against client for the felony of larceny over $250 dollars.  Client, an immigrant and local business owner knew that the charges he faced were serious.  Non-citizens charged with”crimes of moral turpitude” face deportation at worst, but more often they are refused reentry into the U.S., after a visit to their native country.  He knew the charges would most certainly adversely affect his immigration status, his business and his family.  Client hired Attorney Martin who worked the case for months, securing all exonerating evidence.  On the date of the trial, the Commonwealth had no choice but to dismiss the charges.

Case dismissed.