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Sex Crimes

Facing charges for a sex crime can be overwhelming and life-altering. Learn how our experienced team provides compassionate and dedicated defense, aiming to protect your rights and reputation.

Drunk Driving / OUI Crimes

Charges of drunk driving or Operating Under the Influence (OUI) can have significant legal and personal consequences. Navigate to our Drunk Driving / OUI page to discover how our experienced defense attorneys can help you challenge these charges, safeguarding your license and your future.

Violent Crimes

Accusations of violent crimes carry heavy penalties and can severely affect your future. Explore our Violent Crimes page to learn how our dedicated and seasoned attorneys tirelessly scrutinize evidence, create strategic defenses, and fight for your rights and liberty in court.

Drug Charges

Drug-related charges can result in severe penalties and significantly impact your personal and professional life. Visit our Drug-Related Charges page to understand how we employ strategic defenses, extensive knowledge of drug laws, and tactical negotiation skills to challenge these charges and protect your future.

Clerk Magistrate Hearings

Clerk Magistrate Hearings can determine if a criminal charge is issued against you, making expert representation crucial. Explore our Clerk Magistrate Hearings page to see how we can provide strategic guidance and assertive representation in these critical preliminary proceedings, working to prevent charges from being issued.


Personal Injury

When you’ve suffered a personal injury due to the negligence of others, you deserve just compensation. Discover on our Personal Injury page how our legal team at Dakota Martin Law can advocate for your rights, guide you through the legal process, and tirelessly work towards securing the compensation you are entitled to.

College & High School Related Crimes

Young people can sometimes make mistakes that lead to legal trouble, significantly impacting their future prospects. Visit our College and High School Related Crimes page to learn how we leverage its extensive experience to provide the legal defense young adults need, ensuring that these incidents don’t define the rest of their lives.

Federal Crimes

Federal crimes carry severe penalties and demand experienced, strategic representation. Navigate to our Federal Crimes page to understand how Dakota Martin Law brings its 20-plus years of experience to defend clients accused of various federal offenses, aiming to protect your rights and work towards the most favorable outcome.

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