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What is a Clerk’s Hearing?

A clerk’s hearing, also known as a show cause hearing, is an important legal process where a complaint or charges are presented to a clerk magistrate. This hearing aims to determine if there is enough evidence to proceed with a criminal case. It is crucial to have skilled legal representation during this stage to present a compelling defense and prevent formal charges from being filed.

Notice and Proceedings at a Clerk’s Hearing

A clerk’s hearing, also referred to as a show cause hearing, typically follows a misdemeanor offense. Accused individuals are usually notified of the upcoming hearing via mail. During the hearing, the clerk will listen to arguments from both sides and evaluate whether there is sufficient evidence to proceed with the case. If the clerk determines that there is enough evidence to bring a criminal case against the defendant, charges are immediately filed. It’s important to note that the standard for allowing a case to proceed is relatively low. A clerk’s hearing provides the most favorable opportunity to challenge the state’s case against you. If successfully dismissed at this stage or “prior to filing,” it eliminates any paper trail associated with the potential criminal charges you were facing

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Bringing an attorney to your clerk’s hearing is the first step towards achieving a favorable outcome and ensuring that the matter is resolved permanently. With the expertise of Attorney Dakota Martin, you can effectively navigate the hearing and protect your rights. Don’t face your clerk’s or show cause hearing alone.

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