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Defending Your Rights Amidst College & High School Related Crimes in the Greater Boston Area

At Dakota Martin Law, we understand that youthful indiscretions or misunderstandings can seriously affect a young person’s future. College and high school-related crimes—ranging from underage drinking and drug offenses to assault or vandalism—can lead to severe penalties, potentially impacting academic standing, career prospects, and personal reputation. With over 20 years of experience, our dedicated criminal defense lawyers are here to guide you and your loved ones through these challenging times, fiercely advocating for your rights and providing the best legal defense.

Underage Drinking and DUI Charges

Young people often make mistakes, and underage drinking and DUI charges are unfortunately common. At Dakota Martin Law, we provide a thorough understanding and interpretation of complex legal statutes, conduct an in-depth examination of arrest procedures, and create a robust defense strategy that safeguards your future. We aim to protect your rights and ensure that a simple mistake doesn’t disrupt your academic and professional journey.

Drug Offenses

Facing charges for drug offenses can be intimidating and confusing. Our experienced legal team at Dakota Martin Law provides expertise in drug-related laws and potential legal loopholes. We offer detailed consultation on potential defense options and assist with drug diversion programs to help you avoid a criminal record. We aim to ensure you have the right resources and representation to navigate these challenging situations.

Assault and Other Violent Crimes

Being charged with assault or other violent crimes is a serious matter that can have profound implications for your future. Our Law team comprehensively reviews all evidence and facts related to your case. We work diligently to craft a strong, individualized defense strategy and provide relentless support in court, delivering persuasive arguments on your behalf.

Vandalism and Property Crimes

Accusations of vandalism and property crimes can have long-lasting impacts on your personal and professional life. At Dakota Martin Law, we conduct a detailed investigation into the circumstances surrounding the alleged incident and assess the accuracy and legality of the accusations leveled against you. We provide representation aimed at minimizing penalties and preserving your clean record.

Internet and Cyber Crimes

In this digital age, internet and cyber crimes are rising, and the laws surrounding them rapidly evolve. Dakota Martin Law is at the forefront of this challenging area, providing a knowledgeable defense for our clients. We carefully analyze computer records and online activities and work tirelessly to refute allegations and negotiate reduced charges.

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