September 22, 2016 Cambridge District Court

Client was charged with striking a woman in Cambridge after a business deal went bad.  All angles were pursued and as the case was prepped for trial, negotiations as to possible plea deals were discussed.  There was no movement.  The Middlesex District Attorney’s office refused to give an inch and negotiation attempts stopped completely after they offered a “deal” of guilty to the charges, 18 months, with 6 months to serve in jail.  The balance of the unserved time, they said, would be suspended, meaning that upon client’s release from jail, if he slipped up, or simply irritated his probation officer, he could be shipped back to jail for another year.  Client, a middle aged peaceful man, had no record.

On the first trial date the witnesses summonsed by the defense failed to appear.  On the second trial date the same thing happened again but this time Lawyer was pushed into trial, even though one of the necessary witnesses outright refused to come to court.

Over the course of two days Lawyer was able to show the the jury that the “victim” and her boyfriend were not victims at all.  On cross examination Lawyer exposed their untruths, as the two witnesses unsuccessfully attempted to line up the details of their stories.  Their motives were exposed and the jury returned a unanimous verdict of not guilty.  Client, shaken up after the ordeal, rejoiced at the decision, pleased that they saw the truth through the forest of lies.