September 8, 2015

Attleborough District Court

The Staples Center is no different than any other large, concert venue and depending on the croud numerous arrests are made nightly.  On this particular evening client had traveled to the stadium with her cousin to see a show.  The facts of the evening are in dispute and alcohol  consumption does not assist us in the retrieval of these memories.  After an altercation with concert security concerning an attempt to retrieve an item at the car, client and cousin were escorted off the premisses only to be found less than an hour later back at the show.  The facts in dispute involve allegations of spitting, pushing, swearing and shouting to name a few and when the night is over, client, a female in her early 20’s will be arrested.

Client had made it this far with no criminal record and looked to attorney to solve her legal dilemma, to fight the multiple charges she faced.  With little time to investigate, attorney appeared in Attleborough District Court on client’s behalf.  With the help of a patient clerk and the ear of an understanding police officer, attorney was able to persuade the court not to arraign or charge client.  Attorney’s initial research, intimate knowledge of client’s unique life situation and advocacy skills won the day.  Client was not charged and her record remains blemish free.  If client remains in compliance with the laws for a period of time known as pretrial probation, her case is dismissed as though it was never there.

Dismissed Prior To Arraignment