May 13, 2015

Dorchester District Court

Client’s family contacted attorney on behalf of client, a California resident with an active warrant for armed robbery out of Massachusetts.  Family informed Lawyer that client, currently on probation for another matter in the Los Angeles area was unable to obtain a driver’s license as a result of a 5 year old warrant out of the Dorchester District Court.  After meeting with family and speaking to Client, his probation officer and employers, Attorney asked that the Clerk call the case and set a date for a warrant recall.  Client flew from California.   As a result of the information Attorney had gathered for the hearing, the 5 year old warrant for failing to appear was removed.  Attorney then argued successfully, against the DA’s objection for Client’s release without bail while the case progressed.  Client was able to stay with his family.  The case was reviewed for probable cause and finally set for a status hearing.

As the Commonwealth tried to put the pieces of the 5 year old case together, Attorney’s private investigator did his own investigation.  After several unfruitful hearings, the Commonwealth had no information and requested yet another continuance to try once again to contact the alleged victim.  The judge appeared ready to grant the State’s request.  Attorney informed the Court that his investigator was present and ready to testify to the fact that Client’s accuser could not be located.  He had also learned that she had an extensive criminal record and an active warrant for failing to appear on a pending criminal charge against her.

Case Dismissed Without Prejudice