BMC Central Division

Client was overcharged after a fight with the girl who she knew was sleeping with her husband.
Client had been contacted by the other, much younger woman via her husbands phone. Client received cell photos from her husband’s own phone confirming the other woman’s taunting and heckling, This girl was in fact sleeping with her husband and she was, as she had said, many many years younger. Wife allegedly used husband’s phone to set up a meeting with girl only to show up in his place and confront “other woman”. Witnesses reported to police that client was the aggressor and that after winning the fight she fled with the girl’s cell phone. Count one, Armed Robbery was almost immediately reduced to larceny from a person once the actual event details became more clear to the Commonwealth. Then, after thorough investigation, and reciprocal discovery, client’s case was continued without a finding for 5 months, at which time the case was dismissed.