February 24, 2015

Roxbury District Court

After a night of partying and drinking at a neighbor’s house things got out of hand and the Boston Police were called in.  Client’s situation went from bad to worse when he shouted profanities and threats to the police when they arrived on scene with questions. Client, inebriated, angry, shoeless, and covered in paint, voiced disdain towards the officers and was eventually subdued, zip tied and arrested.  The accusations included striking the victim with a full can of paint, damaging her property and fighting.

When client met with attorney, while in custody, he informed attorney that he was the one who had been attacked and it was he who made the 911 call to police.  Attorney successfully argued to release client on his own recognizance (no bail).  As the months passed, attorney and client met several times to review the frantic, broken, 911 call and prep for trial.  Attorney’s investigator had no success in speaking to the alleged victim who cancelled meetings and refused to answer any questions about the events that occured.  Attorney drafted motions and prepared for the trial.  On the final trial date, the alleged victim was informed that she should consult with an attorney about the events that took place that night.  She was told that she had a possible 5th amendment right not to incriminate herself.  The District Attorney notified attorney  “our “victim” actually may have sicked her family on your client.”

Case dismissed