July 8, 2015

Malden District Court


Client couldn’t believe the clerk at the gas station near his home wouldn’t sell him tobacco that day.  He’d bought it countless times before, from the same guy.  His out of state license hadn’t changed.  Nothing had changed, but he was refused the sale that day.  Irate, he began to berate the clerk, making threats to come back to the store later, calling him a racist and finally throwing a metal display rack at the clerk.  The police were called.  Client was being questioned by an officer about the incident when an emergency call came in, Client was temporarily off the hook, or so he thought.  Weeks later he received a criminal summons in the mail.  Because he had moved he didn’t receive the notice until after the hearing took place.  The clerk, in Client’s absence, found sufficient evidence to file the criminal complaint against Client.

When Attorney was hired, the case was already set for an arraignment.  Attorney, with the assistance of an understanding Court was able to have the case dismissed at arraignment and reset for yet another clerk’s hearing.  This time Client would be in attendance, with Lawyer.  Attorney investigated the case thoroughly and with the officer representative present was able to convince the Clerk to dismiss the charges, including a felony, against client.  Because of the investigation and advocation made by Attorney, Client was able to continue his College education, unhindered by any criminal convictions or even charges against him.  Clerk sternly informed Client that he had “dodged a bullet” that day, thanks to Attorney’s diligence.