February 19, 2015

Roxbury District Court

Client was charged with Assault and Battery, as well as Malicious Destruction of Property over $250.00, after police responded to a disturbance at a residence in Boston.  The accusations included yelling, shoving and intentionally breaking the alleged victim’s apple computer.  Client who was involved in a custody battle with his x-girlfriend (not involved in case) for his 5 month old son, was eager to resolve this matter quickly so that he could assume care of his child.  Although the alleged victim took the stand to explain that the officers misunderstood what had occurred, the state was intent on bringing the case forward.  After several hearings, the case was set for trial.  Attorney and client arrived ready, but the commonwealth eventually dismissed the case after being shown the weaknesses in the Commonwealth’s case.

Client was eventually successful in obtaining custody of his child.