June 22, 2015

Malden District Court

When Client’s wife called the police during a fight, Client, who’d never bee arrested erroneously thought the officers would mediate the argument and then go on their way.  Instead the officers arrested him.  After making bail, Client contacted Attorney who met with him that day.  A young immigrant with a successful business, he was worried that he would lose the chance to become a citizen, or worse go to jail.  The 911 call to Malden police was difficult to listen to, and although the officer’s photographs showed nothing damning, the Commonwealth proceeded to trial and a date was set.  Attorney fought successfully to prevent the Commonwealth from using certain evidence that would have allowed them to go forward with the trial and after providing the ADA with necessary documents, the State unable to proceed to trial had no choice but to dismiss, without prejudice, the charges against client.  Client was happy that his nightmare was over and hopes to never witness first hand how the US legal system works.