July 6, 2015

Roxbury District Court

St. Patrick’s day celebrations in Boston more often than not get out of control.  Client had been enjoying the festivities all day when his girlfriend and a bouncer at a local music venue got into an altercation.  Client attempted to break up the scuffle, making matters worse.  Prior to this Holiday, Client and his girlfriend were young professionals with no criminal records whatsoever.  Client, an Engineer from Europe had recently moved to the States to work in his chosen field.

Both codefendants had to take time off form work to go in front of the Roxbury judge.  Attorneys felt that the two were perfect candidates for what’s known as a diversion program.  The arraignment was rescheduled to a later date, pending review by probation.  If accepted, both parties would be able to avoid even being arraigned on the criminal charges, the need to plead not guilty, and marks on their permanent records.  Attorney and client met with the probation department and client (as well as girlfriend)  were approved for the diversion program.  After successful completion of the requirements laid out by the department, Client was to attend AA, codefendant anger management, both cases would be dismissed.  Both codefendants were humbled by the course of events and promptly met the probation order with action.

Both matters have since been dismissed.