Boston Municipal Court Central Division

Attorney was called by client’s sister who resided in California.  Sister was extremely concerned, having just found out that her brother, who had mental health issues and an extensive criminal record, had just been arrested at his public housing facility for threatening a staff member with a very large knife.  Attorney met with client at the Nashua Street Jail later that day and immediately commenced investigation.   For years client had been in and out of jail and on and off the streets.  The most recent matter resulted in his ejection, through summary process, from housing.  Based on his record, his lack of a living facility and the victim’s statements, the judge was not eager to release the accused.  His sister was worried as well.  After conferencing the case with the Suffolk district attorney it was clear that this case was not going away quickly or easily.  The Commonwealth had a very corporative victim with a grudge and to make matters worse, other possible witnesses.  That, combined with client’s history of questionable behavior with other residents and staff, would not bode well at trial.  Attorney moved the case quickly.  Client remained incarcerated.  Finally, after several hearings, attorney was able to facilitate client’s immediate release, but under some strange circumstances which surprised everyone in the Court.

Client would be released but he had to leave town, not just Boston but Massachusetts.  Client was to return to California to live with his family in San Francisco.  This plan entailed a guilty plea, but with his extensive record, another blemish wouldn’t add tarnish but instead splash of paint on the hopefully now finished Warhol work.

With no proper identification and no money, client couldn’t fly.  Attorney promised the  judge that he would personally see that client boarded a Greyhound bound for San Francisco.  After an exceedingly long day, client, a free man, began his long journey to the west coast and attorney could rest, knowing that he had fulfilled his promise to the judge.  Almost a week later attorney received a call from client.  He had arrived in California where his family was waiting to pick him up at the bus terminal