April 27, 2015

Roxbury District Court

Client, charged with breaking and entering his neighbor’s apartment by kicking in the door, was arrested and detained until his arraignment.  Attorney arrived and against the Commonwealth’s objection, successfully argued for his bail-free release.  Over the next several court dates and as discovery, including photographs and 911 unfolded, attorney chipped away at the State’s case, arguing for a reduction in the charges to breaking and entering to commit a trespass, a mere misdemeanor in the state of Massachusetts.

On the trial date, attorney and client arrived at court early, ready to take their case to a jury trial, confident, thoroughly prepared and fully ready.  Because of attorney’s diligent investigation and trial preparation, as well as the alleged victim’s failure to appear, the Commonwealth dismissed the case against client, en lieu of asking for another date, or even for a second call.

Case dismissed, without prejudice.