June 2, 2014

Dorchester District Court

Traffic  was particularly backed up for such a late hour, even for 93 south, which never moves with any urgency.  It was around 1am and a taxi with one lone passenger was following another vehicle, negotiating the bumper to bumper traffic in an effort to stop the driver who they believed had struck the cab.  The 911 caller narrated the whole event as the car exited the freeway and sped away.  Eventually a police report would be filed and later that morning policer would be sent to the suspect’s house.

Client, a young professional with a doctorate and no criminal record, was understandably worried by the charges against him, one of which carried mandatory jail time of 2 weeks.  The case proceeded to the date of trial with no reasonable offers on the table.  Attorney Martin who had done extensive investigation, arrived early and ready for trial.  The commonwealth, for evidentiary reasons was unable to proceed and dismissed the case, without prejudice.  Client, who took the day off for trial, was relieved, returning to his job the following day at a local hospital, counseling patients and helping them recover.