March 21, 2016 –Framingham District Court-

It wasn’t a new scam.  It had been in the news in Connecticut, Maine and throughout Massachusetts.  A “cold caller” would solicit a business with an amazing offer. They would have an inside hookup, an employee who could get his or her hands on some sweet deals.  It was usually televisions, but not always.  This time it was TV’s.  The caller told the mark about a friend who worked at a large big box electronics store.  That he could get him an amazing deal. A meeting was set up in the parking lot and an “employee” wearing the store uniform came out of the back door, near the loading dock. The buyer was met by the “employee” gave him cash with the promise to return with the merchandise momentarily. The buyer waited in his vehicle. The “employee” who was never a real employee, never returned.  When “buyer” called the police, instead of charging him as a conspirator to the questionable activity, Client was charged with the crimes.

This is what Client had been accused of and this wasn’t his first time. Whether he was unlucky or simply a crook the case had to be defended. Over the course of 15 months Lawyer investigated every aspect of the case, turning over every stone. Codefendants records were run.  The complaining witness’s record as well.   Alibi’s were checked and security footage was reviewed, again and again. Lawyer fought diligently, meeting with Natick detectives and negotiating with district attorneys. After several unsuccessful motion hearings, the Commonwealth, unable to substantiate the charges was forced to dismiss the case against Client.  All charges were dropped.