5-1-19 Woburn District Court

Client who was stopped when his brightly colored vehicle and loud muffler drew Woburn PD’s attention was found to be operating on a suspended license with an uninsured motor vehicle, a jail-able offense in Massachusetts. When officers attempted to further investigate the situation client’s movements, described as nervous and jumpy appeared to be attempting to hide evidence. After a thorough search of the vehicle officers found evidence of a drug distribution business complete with website, unique packaging, a drug menu list and receipts with customer names, addresses and preferences. An “unagreed” or “disparate” plea was tendered to the Court. Though both the Commonwealth and Defense felt that a CWOF was appropriate, the parties were not able to agree on the appropriate length of probation or amount of community service. The Court agreed with defense counsel that despite the clear and convincing evidence pointing to guilt, client, a young professional with a good job was best served to complete a minimal amount of community service and return to work as soon as possible, an upstanding citizen with no record.