June 3, 2016 –BMC Central Division


After being charged with and eventually convicted of rape, Client was sent to State Prison to serve his sentence.  One month prior to release Client was assisted by prison staff in pre-registration.  He was as a sex offender and had to register, something he would have to continue to do upon release.   Regardless of the facts of the underlying case,  whether guilty or actually innocent, all convicted sex offenders face an uphill battle.  All convicts face significant difficulty in day to day existence, but the conditions a sex offender faces are particularly onerous.  Following the terms of their registration can be a full time job.  These terms include once a year registration for those lucky enough to secure a stable living arrangement but more likely, once a month registration for those who cannot find a long term place to live.  Regardless of an offender’s housing, any time the offender spends more than a few nights away from home, they must notify the police.


Through no fault of his own, Client had been accused of failing to register. Lawyer personally investigated the matter, meeting with local registration officers and corresponding with out of town officers in an effort to isolate the error. Against considerable resistance attorney was able to secure the necessary paperwork that would prove that Client had not failed to abide by his conditions of release. Upon viewing the paperwork the Commonwealth dismissed the charge immediately. Client was relieved and continues to follow the registration guidelines and terms of his parole.