June 11, 2015

Natick District Court

After years of employment at a large, high-end clothing retailer, the young employee felt secure in his position.  Over the course of his employment he had received nothing but satisfactory reviews.  He had no idea that he was under investigation by the head of loss prevention.  He was suspected of a credit card scam wherein employees would take unclaimed merchandise and refund their personal credit card for the retail value of the items.  It was the store’s policy was to donate unclaimed goods to local thrift stores and charities. When client was approached by loss prevention during a suspected transaction, thinking that honesty is the best policy, he admitted everything.  An investigation into his credit card history revealed almost $1200 in unauthorized returns.

Client unsuccessfully attended the initial clerk’s hearing, only contacting Attorney after criminal charges had been filed against him.   A full time student at a downtown Boston College, client was eager to put the matter behind him so he could find another job and focus on his studies.  Because of the high value of the accused theft the assistant district attorney assigned to the case was not willing to dismiss the charges prior to arraignment.  At the Client’s request Attorney was able to obtain the next best option, the case would be continued without a finding for a period of months.  Thus, the matter was resolved immediately and Client could answer on any job or apartment application that he had not been convicted of a felony.  Client quickly found another job and continues to attend College full time.