November 5, 2015

Wrentham District Court

Client’s husband contacted attorney from California.  Client only spoke Thai but had pending charges out of Wrentham for allegedly stealing items from the Wrentham outlet stores.  Clients’ husband told me that his wife had been accused of stealing items, then returning the items for gift cards.  The police report itemized over a dozen items totaling several thousand dollars in merchandise.  When loss prevention made the accusations, client, with no interpreter, was unable to offer any explanation.

At the first setting attorney conferenced the case with the district attorney, tendering all necessary paperwork to exonerate client from the charges but was unable to make progress without client’s presence.  Attorney advanced and continued the case so that client could make arraignments to fly from California for court.  Attorney secured an interpreter to meet the parties in court.  At the hearing attorney requested a second call and advocated for client, who had never been charged with a crime.  After review of the evidence the Commonwealth dismissed the charges against prior to arraignment.

Client, who had landed just the day before from California, boarded a flight back home where here husband was waiting for her.

Dismissed Prior To Arraignment