December 21, 2015

Milford District Court

After being apprehended for allegedly stealing over $250.00 worth of items including caviar, client was arrested by Milford police.  No explanation would stop the ball of justice, already in motion, from rolling forward.  Client, a father, and husband with a good job in IT had no plausible reason for his behavior.  He was informed that he was caught on video.  His car was towed and he would have to call his wife to bail him out of jail.  The case was scheduled for a clerk’s hearing.

Having never been accused of a crime, client attempted to handle the magistrate hearing on his own.

He arrived with no attorney and left with criminal charges against him and a new court date.

After contacting attorney client was assured that his future and most importantly his hard earned career (with accompanying background checks) would not be jeopardized by the events that took place that afternoon at Whole Foods.  Attorney worked diligently to resolve the matter in client’s favor though it would take two court dates and numerous emails and calls to achieve this outcome.  Eventually the Commonwealth dismissed count one outright and count two would be dismissed after a 6 month monitoring period known as pretrial probation.  Client and wife attended all court hearings.  Attorney was confident that this would be client’s first and last run in with the law.

Count One, Dismissed Outright, Count Two, Pretrial Probation