June 23, 2016 –BMC Roxbury-

Client was charged with larceny after a local furniture company reported her to the police. Having previously rented items from the business it didn’t take the manager long to tie the pieces together.  The rental company was certain they had a smoking gun  when an account was opened in someone else’s name by what appeared to be my Client.  Things went from bad to worse when an ex-roommate of Client filed an almost identical case against Client in Dorchester. That case had almost identical facts. The State couldn’t use the Dorchester case as evidence in the Roxbury case but it did not inspire the Commonwealth to dismiss the charges against Client either.

Lawyer and investigator combed through page after page of rental documents, meeting with witnesses taking photographing comparing evidence, searching for the missing piece which would exonerate Client.  A theory of defense had been crafted months before the trial and by late June the pieces had been lined up by Attorney and staff to support that theory.  Moments before empaneling a jury the Commonwealth dismissed all  charges against Client.