June 27, 2013

Waltham District Court

Client, a local resident, father and business owner contacted attorney with numerous concerns.  Having been charged with stealing hundreds of dollars of cell phone accessories from a local, large, electronics store, he was rightfully worried about the consequences.  After all, it was a felony and as a resident alien, his immigration status was on the line.  As a father, his parenting rights could come into question, having allegedly committed this theft with his son present in the store.  As a business owner, his reputation was also on the line.  A felony conviction for a crime of moral turpitude, or theft could make many perspective clients uneasy to let them into their homes.  The case proceeded slowly as the Commonwealth built its case.  Evidence consisted of video footage of he and his son, as well as admissions made after the event, by client, as he attempted to smooth over the situation.  Finally the case was set for trial.

At the first trial setting, the Commonwealth was forced to dismiss the charges against client.  Attorney had worked the case from all angles and arrived to court ready to persuade the jury.  As a result of evidentiary issues which had been previously pointed out by attorney and witness issues which arose on the trial date, the Commonwealth had no choice but dismiss the case or ask for a continuance.

Case Dismissed Without Prejudice