January 30, 2015

Boston Municipal Court, Central Division

Client, an employee of a large, luxury, retail, clothing  store was charged with two counts of Larceny over $250.00.  Loss prevention was extremely diligent in building the case against client over many months, waiting for the right opportunity to act on their suspicions.  Officers finally made their move in October, apprehending client with a single item, valued at over $900.00.  Client, a good kid with no record, took the security officers to his home where he revealed over nine thousand dollars of stolen inventory.  His honesty and cooperation was rewarded with his immediate arrest.

Attorney Martin fought to keep client’s record clean, pushing back the arraignment date, in an effort to negotiate a settlement with the retailer.  After meeting with store officers, Attorney and client went back to BMC for the rescheduled arraignment.  Through several hours of intense negotiation with numerous district attorneys, Mr. Martin was able to elicit a favorable outcome for the young professional.  Although the case was eventually arraigned on one of the counts, the state dismissed the other charge and offered a CWOF, with unsupervised probation for the remaining charge.

The result?  Client’s record remains conviction free.