Concord District Court

When an intimidating loss prevention officer of a local “big” Mart store grabbed client and her two friends for questioning, she was scared.  She knew one of the girls was a trouble maker but never thought that hanging out with her would result in being charged with a crime.  Apparently at least two of the three girls that entered the store that day were canceling merchandise with the intention of taking it home.  Being in the wrong place at the wrong time meant that client would be facing criminal  charges along with the other girls.  A show cause hearing was scheduled to decide if the criminal charges would be filed.

At the clerk’s hearing, two of the girls made an appearance, the third, was nowhere to be found.  Attorney advocated for the two.  The clerk and officer representative were present and after hearing from Lawyer, the decision was made to dismiss the complaints against the two girls, both college students with bright futures.  The two students were able to avoid criminal records which could adversely affect their future.