Brookline District Court

Client called Attorney Martin after being summonsed to court by the Brookline Police Department.  Client, an undergraduate at a prestigious local Boston University was drinking with friends and roommates on the roof of their penthouse apartment in the early hours of the morning.  The police did not delay in entering the building and interrogating the group after several pieces of furniture exploded on the ground in front of a passing officer’s cruiser.  Police quickly separated the boys to get their stories.  Client was particularly difficult to deal with as a result of excessive alcohol consumption.  He was subsequently charged with disorderly conduct.

When Client called Attorney Martin he was very concerned with the charges against him.  Client knew that a conviction meant a criminal record and that that could make  obtaining future employment, as well as attending graduate school, more difficult.  Attorney Martin met with the District attorney and was able to negotiate a full dismissal of the case on court costs alone.