December 9, 2015

West Roxbury District Court

After a particularly ruckus party, client and his roommates were charged with numerous offenses, including serving alcohol to minors, and minor in possession. The boys, students of a well established communication school downtown were undergraduates with their lives ahead of them.  None of the students had a criminal record but when the police arrived after being called by a neighbor, things went from bad to worse.  At least one of the students tendered a false name to the responding officer while guests of the party fled.

Client and co-defendants were scheduled for a magistrate hearing where attorneys were able to advocate for the three individuals and the clerk would decide whether or not to charge the three with the criminal acts which they’d been accused.  All of the students had family present.  The responding officer read the police report and personally addressed the students and clerk with future concerns as well as a warning of the university’s zero tolerance.  Mission Hill was filled with students from many schools, but it had always been and remained a working class, family neighborhood.  There would be no future warnings.

After hearing from each attorney and with minimal questions, the clerk dismissed the complaints against each of the students.

Dismissed Clerk’s Hearing