West Roxbury District Court


Client was apprehended by officers from a drug investigation unit in Roslindale after they observed what they believed to be a street level drug transaction.  Client allegedly picked up a man at an intersection and drove only a short distance before making a u-turn and dropping  him off.  The two went in opposite directions, client in his car, the man on foot.  Client didn’t last long after multiple officers swarmed his vehicle, questioning him concerning what they believed to have occurred.  He admitted to buying heroin and told officers just where they could find the clear sandwich baggie containing the tan contraband.

Client called attorney, voicing concerns.  He had made a mistake and wanted to put it behind him.  He was gainfully employed and hoped to travel that summer.  It wouldn’t help that he had been accused of a similar crime in the not too distant past.  Through tactical communication with the district attorney, attorney began to negotiate a plea.  Client’s record was a factor, but attorney and client worked together to implement the least restrictive recovery plan for sobriety that would satisfy the Judge as well as the district attorney.

When the day was done, client walked away with a CWOF, which after 6 months of unsupervised probation, would be dismissed from his record.