Chelsea District Court

Client was charged with carrying a dangerous weapon after a 911 call describing his jeep was received. The 911 caller described her surroundings as she followed his car. She claimed she observed the occupants of the car holding a gun to an unidentified party’s head as it left a local fast food restaurant. When numerous police cars stopped the vehicle, client and passenger were ordered out of the car at gunpoint. The vehicle was searched, yielding a replica 9mm bb gun, a butterfly knife, rubber gloves, a ski mask among other questionable items. Client who was supported by his family at every court date was given the opportunity to continue the matter without a finding for a period of one year on the knife charge, a felony and what would have been his first felony conviction. The other charges were dismissed. This outcome was only possible with strong family support, the client’s persistence in coming to court early and the fact that he maintained employment throughout the case. Letters of support also assisted attorney in the results.