BMC Roxbury Division

Client, a large, black male with a lengthy criminal record was returning from a friends birthday party in the early hours of the morning when he drew the attention of the local police. Client, who’s record included serious violent offenses, was driving a white Mercedes Benz to his house which is not in what would be considered one of the fancier neighborhoods in Boston. Cop alleges that client ran a stop light then refused to stop, speeding away at a high rate of speed as officer followed. Cop accused client of crossing the yellow dividing line, and speeding up to get away, only to stop at his residence after evasive actions. Officer who’d called in multiple backup units drew down on suspect ordering client to place hands out of the car window. Client, unfazed told the officer he was being cowardly (in different words) that there was no reason for such excessive force (probably different words). Client was removed from car, cuffed and arrested.
Against the wishes of the irate officer the Commonwealth offered to continue the criminal charge of Negligent operation and find client not responsible for the civil penalties.