July 17, 2013

Suffolk Superior Court

Client, a homeowner of over 15 years contacted Attorney Martin to represent her against neighbor, a slumlord in Mattapan.  Neighbor, owned a multi unit, low-income, apartment complex which had been the scene of several violent crimes over the years.  Neighbor, without notice decided to erect a large brick wall between the two properties, leaving client, a female corrections officer, at risk and in fear of, being assaulted.  The wall, if completed would all but block client’s view of the tenants, as well as the countless visitors to the rooming house.  Client did the only thing she could to stop the construction of this dangerous wall, she parked a friend’s vehicle, on her property, next to the wall.  Construction was quickly halted when workers were unable to access the wall.  Neighbor, landlord promptly filed an injunction in Suffolk Superior Court, to force Client to move vehicle and allow completion of the wall.  Attorney Martin was able to show the Court that the injunction was improper, that Client was within her rights and she could not be forced to move her property to facilitate the wall’s construction.  The spite fence would not be completed.

Injunctive Relief-Denied.