December 1, 2016 Roxbury Municipal Court

Client was charged with Stalking, making harassing phone calls and threatening to commit a crime after his soon to be ex-wife went to a local police department where she reported that he had made numerous texts and calls to her, accusing her of stealing money and threatening to shoot her.

On Attorney’s second appearance a motion to dismiss and accompanying memorandum was filed that if allowed would dismiss the Stalking charge. The Judge allowed the motion.  Only two charges remained.  Phone records were obtained and Attorney alongside his team of investigators reviewed evidence and prepared for trial.  One day before the jury trial Lawyer convinced the Commonwealth that they could not prove the Harassment charge.  They subsequently dismissed that charge and after minimal pandering Lawyer was able to obtain an agreed to plea to a CWOF, or continued without a finding on the charge of making threats, which the Commonwealth’s evidence including phone numerous recordings could prove.