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Domestic Violence

In Massachusetts, all domestic violence cases are investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Once domestic violence is reported to law enforcement authorities, the accused is often immediately arrested and removed from their home.  Authorities are serious about every domestic violence call.  This is because they are attempting to prevent victims from being intimidated by offenders.  Because of this concern, even if the report of domestic violence is false, you will likely be prosecuted.

Restraining Orders

Massachusetts Residents often file 209A restraining orders which serve to prevent contact with someone.  AFTER A 209A IS FILED, NEITHER PARTY MAY CONTACT THE OTHER PARTY.

Violations Massachusetts Restraining Orders can be proven if:

  1. A valid 209A order was issued by a court AND
  2. The Order was current, (not expired) at the time of the alleged contact AND
  3. The offender KNEW the order existed AND
  4. The offender actually violated the order

Violations are commonly proven in Mass Courts based solely on the testimony or even perjury of a witness.